Does sexual identity exist?

At some point in our lives many of us struggle with their sexual identity and/or desires. It is very common for human beings and probably for all living beings to experience temporary shifts in sexual desires and thoughts. When we do not understand the true nature of reality, these sudden arisings of new sexual desires and thoughts might unsettle us and make us feel uncomfortable. That is why, in order to understand the ultimate truth that there exists no such thing as sexual identity, we first need to have a look into how such things as our minds and bodies come into being.

By Gilles Van Hecke 

Both modern scientists, especially in the field of quantum physics, and experienced meditators have come to the same conclusion that human beings, and actually all matter in the universe, exist out of energy. Even though in daily life we tend to believe that our bodies are solid, in truth they are not. Just like all other material things in the world, our bodies exist of subatomic particles that are constantly moving and interacting with each other. For example, each nanosecond we are either breathing in or breathing out oxygen. This means that the constitution of our bodies are similarly changing each nanosecond because fresh air is coming in and is interacting with the particles in our lungs, blood, cells, … In theory it is not even correct to speak about nanoseconds since the truth is that we are always changing and that there is no time frame small enough to indicate that continuous change.

Because the energetic particles in our bodies are constantly moving, it means that our minds will constantly change as well

While we will come to the more practical part about the absence of sexual identity soon, it is important to know that our minds are in constant connection with our bodies. When a change happens in the body, almost simultaneously a change happens in the mind as well. This correlation makes it easier to understand why there are always so many thoughts, ideas and memories running through our minds. A practical example of how our bodies affect our minds is the fact that when we take care of our bodies by doing work-outs and eating healthy food, we feel good and more positive thoughts, ideas and memories will come into our mind. So, because the energetic particles in our bodies are constantly moving, it means that our minds will constantly change as well.

One more thing that both modern scientists and experienced meditators agree upon is the existence of electromagnetic fields within the universe. It is important to remember that the human body exists of nothing but energy and is thus continuously affected by those electromagnetic fields. Actually modern scientists describe the human body itself as such an electromagnetic field which means that the energies present in our bodies continuously influence the energies in other people’s body. The opposite is also true of course. Other people’s energies will also affect the energy in our own bodies and thus affect the experiences in our own minds. For non-meditators this might seem very confusing or even science fiction. Modern science, however, has proven all of the above things. For more or less experienced meditators all of this is simply a matter of fact since they have been able to experience this truth themselves.

Ultimately it is not the gender that decides about our sexual attraction to people, it is the everchanging energy present within our own bodies and the bodies of other people that does.

Now what are the practical consequences of this theory when it comes down to sexual identity? Well, first of all we need to understand that there is no such thing as a permanent state of body or mind. As mentioned earlier, our bodies are constituted out of subatomic particles which are always interacting with other subatomic particles. Our bodies are not solid, they are not permanent. Since the state of our bodies affects our minds, this means that the state of our minds is also continuously changing. In addition to this, we need to understand that those subatomic particles within our bodies are continuously being attracted and influenced by subatomic particles outside of our bodies, especially to strong electromagnetic fields such as human bodies. When the energy within our bodies is attracted to the energy that is within another human being, signals will be sent to our minds which might turn the signals into an experience of mental and/or physical attraction towards that person.

When we fully understand all of this, then we will come to the conclusion that indeed a permanent sexual identity does and cannot exist. The laws governing the universe are so that everything is constantly changing. Each particle of energy is constantly changing because of the interaction with other energy particles. Applied to the human body it means that the energy within it is constantly changing and is constantly attracted by energy in other human bodies or even by energy fields without the human body such as the moon, sea or mountain ranges. When we know this, then there is no sense in creating a sexual identity because the ultimate truth of reality is that we are attracted by energy and not by gender.

While in the first place in ultimate reality it does not make sense to create a sexual identity (or even an identity in itself because our minds and bodies are always changing), it makes even less sense to create a permanent or fixed sexual identity. Both modern scientists and meditators have either proven or experienced that the energy in our bodies is constantly moving, changing and interacting with energy within and outside of our bodies. All of this energetical interaction sends signals to our minds and while today we might have experienced a sexual thought about a man, it is possible that tomorrow we experience sexual thoughts about a woman. This is a result of the ever changing energy which is present in our bodies and sends signals to our minds.

Ultimately it is not the gender that decides about our sexual attraction to people, it is the everchanging energy present within our own bodies and the bodies of other people that does.

When we are not aware of this process, such signals might be very confusing. It might be even more confusing when we hold on to fixed concepts such as ‘straight’ or ‘homosexual/lesbian’. In truth, when using such useless and confusing fixed concepts, all of us should be labelled ‘bisexual’ since both male and female or any other type of gender have the possibility to feel attraction to all kind of sexes. Ultimately it is not the gender that decides about our sexual attraction to people, it is the everchanging energy present within our own bodies and the bodies of other people that does.

Personal belief:

I believe that at the deepest level of our existence, we are souls or tiny pieces of consciousness that carry ever changing energy within us. The soul goes from lifetime to lifetime and the accumulated energy at the level of the soul changes more slowly than the energy within our physical bodies. With regard to interpersonal relationships and sex I believe that the soul connection matters the most. While the soul might have lived in a female body for the past life, now it might live in a male body. Thus, concerning the deepest connection between souls, gender plays no role at all.

It is about time that humanity starts to realize this. Even animals and living trees and plants probably carry such a piece of consciousness that we call the soul. When we understand and experience this, then much more love for all living beings will arise. It will make us realize that these living beings such as animals, plants and trees are here, just like us, to experience life and thus deserve just as much respect as human beings do.

Peace and love from Anupama, the woman who took the pictures, and myself.

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